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 Pete The Dog




Pete is Trinity Church’s Parish Pup!  During the week, he greets the children arriving for Preschool and sometimes sits beside members of the parish when they come in to talk with the Rector.  Pete doesn’t come in for worship on Sundays but he does come to Coffee Hour to receive pats on the head and tummy rubs.  (He really isn’t very interested in most bits of food that fall on the floor! Oh, except cheese, which is VERY interesting!)




Pete was adopted by the Rev. Jo Barrett in May, 2014 from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem.  He is probably about 2 years old.  He was a ‘sato’ dog – a street dog in Puerto Rico.  Pete is a mixed breed and looks like he is part Dachshund, part Chihuahua, and maybe some Corgi.  He is short (about 10 inches at the shoulder) and small (less than 20 pounds) but he is fast and prone to herding small children (we’re working on that!).  Pete is friendly and looks forward to welcoming you to Trinity Church!



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