A community of generous people is a glorious thing...

When we are generous with each other and our neighbors, the light of Christ shines all around us and others can experience God’s warmth and vibrancy.  When it is apparent that we value generosity, we can encourage generosity in others. A community of generous people is a glorious thing. When we are generous in the way we fill out our pledge cards, our church has more resources with which to face our future. We have the money to pay the staff. We have money to keep our grounds and our buildings in good condition. We have the money to update our technology so that our church can continue to function in the 21st century.    

When we are generous with our financial resources, we have what we need to be Holy Ghost Builders. We can join with God’s Spirit and build the City of God where there will be no more mourning and crying, and pain will be no more. We can consider the lack of opportunity and the dulling of possibility that affect all too many of our fellow human beings and find ways for all of us to live more fulfilling lives. Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to offer our time, talent, and money to shape the future of Trinity Church. A strong, future-oriented church can be our contribution to a strong, future-oriented community, state and nation.

Below are four testimonials from Trinity Parishioners who came forth during the Pandemic to express their dedication to supporting Trinity Church:

Supporting Trinity Church Topsfield

Making a Donation

You can use PayPal to make a onetime donation or to have a single or recurring donation count towards your annual pledge commitment. It's easy - just click the donate button below and donate through a credit card (no PayPal account needed) or through your own PayPal account. You will be redirected to the PayPal website to complete the donation, then back to the Trinity website afterwards.

During the PayPal payment process, when reviewing the donation you will have the option of specifying whether your donation is a general donation, a special donation for a specific purpose, or a donation that you would like counted towards your annual pledge commitment. Alternatively, you can contact the assistant treasurer either in person, by email at treasurer@trinitytopsfield.org, or by calling the office at 978-887-5570. If there are no specific instructions on the donation, we will count your donation towards your annual pledge commitment.

Thank you for your donation!