Trinity Preschool of Topsfield

Our Programs

The Curriculum at Trinity Preschool presents an non-denominational, integrated, process-oriented, thematic approach with the emphasis on children's literature. Activities are based on weekly/monthly themes which combine language, math, science, music, art and cooking related experiences. The children enjoy listening to stories through books and story telling techniques. They are also offered open ended activities based upon the stories in conjunction with the chosen theme. There are many learning opportunities for the children in the interest areas they visit each day.

  • Twos'

    The toddler program at Trinity Preschool is focused on building relationships and learning through play. The toddlers are outside daily to build their gross motor skills! The toddler teachers want to foster a sense of autonomy in the toddlers by teaching them to do things independently .The toddler’s follow a daily schedule that incorporates time for play, movement, stories and snack. This class runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:45a to 11:45a. 

  • Threes'

    The 3s Program offers young children many opportunities to learn through discovery while visiting various interest areas. Independence is fostered through warm and encouraging direction by caring teachers. There are two 3 year old programs - one meets two days a week on Tuesday & Thursday from 8:45a-11:45a and the other meets three days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:45a-11:45a. Children must be 2 years 9 months by September 1 to register for the 3s Program. The child to staff ratio is 8:1. Annual tuition is $2,475 ($275/month for 9 months) for the two day program. Annual tuition is $3,375 ($375/month for 9 months) for the three day program.

  • Fours'

    The 4s Program also encourages choices and independence while the teachers serve as facilitators of the learning process. There is a careful balance of individual, small group, and large group activities. The 4s Program meets Monday-Thursday from 9a-1p. To enroll in this program, children must be turning four years old before December 31. The child to teacher ratio is 9:1. Annual tuition is $5,715 ($635/month for 9 months) for the two day program.

  • Fives'

    The 5s Program is designed for those children that miss the cutoff date for Kindergarten. The 5s Program is also available for children who are eligible for Kindergarten who are not quite ready developmentally for an elementary school setting. We emphasize the continued progression of emerging literacy as well as the development of positive self esteem while

    supporting the growing sophistication of skills The 5s Program meets Monday-Thursday from 9a-1p. Children must be five years old by December 31 to register. The child to teacher ratio is 8:1. Annual tuition is $5,715 ($635/month for 9 months).

  • early drop off

    Early Morning Drop Off: 8:15am-9:00am

    Available Monday-Thursday. Children must be enrolled in a preschool program on the same days they attend the Early Morning Program. Pricing varies per program based on timing. 3s: $6, 4s & 5s: $9 from 8:15a on, $5 from 8:30a on.

  • extended day

    Extended Day is a supplemental program that runs 1pm to 3pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is designed for children in the Fours and Fives classes only. Sign up can be achieved daily, weekly or monthly using the Community Root program. 

    Extended Day consists of a book with shared discussion, free play, outside play (weather dependent) and either an arts & craft project, a science experiment or a visit from a variety of special guests. 

    It is an enriching experience which gives children the opportunity to explore a longer school day, a different venue within the school and time with children from other classes. 

    Available Tuesday-Thursday for children in the 4s and/or 5s Program. Pricing is $22/day.

  • lunch bunch

    Lunch Bunch: 11:45a-12:45p, available for the Two's and Three's

    Available Monday-Thursday for children in the 3s classes. Children must be enrolled in a preschool program on the same days they attend the Lunch Bunch Program. Priced at $11/day

  • enrichment

    Coming Soon!