Planned Giving

Planned Giving is a vital ministry that offers church members the opportunity to make a final testament about the importance of Trinity, and of their Christian faith.

We are stewards of God’s bounty. Caretakers. For a brief period, we are given time, energy, and resources. What we do with these gifts ultimately defines the character of our life and the depth of our spiritual understanding. Planned Giving is one expression of the wise use of the personal resources God has entrusted to us.

While annual pledges are usually made from income, planned gifts are made to the church from accumulated resources. These gifts sometimes involve financial or estate planning, but they need not be complicated, and planned giving is not reserved for the wealthy.

In general, planned gifts are made through:

  • A Bequest in a Will
  • A Gift of Special Assets such as life insurance, real estate, stock, or retirement accounts
  • A Life Income Gift such as a pooled income fund, charitable gift annuity, or charitable remainder trust

Planned giving can help in many ways:

  • Planned giving can help a donor provide for family members while remembering the church.  
  • Planned giving often enables the donor to make a larger gift than thought possible, while reducing taxes.
  • Planned gifts can be designated to fund a particular program at Trinity, or may become part of Trinity’s unrestricted endowment, a perpetual fund that contributes to the ongoing operations of the church and insures its long-term vibrancy.

If you would like more information about planned giving, please contact a member of the Trinity Finance Commission at