A wedding in a church is a service of worship in which two people participate in a sacramental rite. In the Episcopal Church the sacrament of marriage, “Holy Matrimony” is available to all people.


We require at least one of the persons to be married be a member of the church, or a family member of a member, or interested in becoming members of the church.


Other requirements for marriage include:


  • One of the two persons to be married must be a baptized Christian.
  • The form of service is according to, or adapted from, The Book of Common Prayer or another authorized rite.
  • The couple will meet at least three times to prepare for this new life together and to plan the service with the Rector.
  • When either one of the persons or both of them are divorced, the officiating priest must apply for the Bishop's permission to perform the marriage. This requires special premarital counseling by the officiating priest and the completion of application materials by the couple. If either or both of the persons have been divorced twice, then special professional counseling is required before the Bishop's permission can be given.


If you are interested in Holy Matrimony, please contact the Rector 6 months prior to the desired wedding date.